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I don't know what this is,, I'm just telling my stories and all the strange things I did.

New Musician To Mess With..

He goes by the name of Ólafur Arnalds.

So Close (Ólafur Arnalds ft Arnor Dan)

“Through dark and light i fight to be
So close, shadows and lies mask you from me
So close, bathe my skin the darkness within
So close, the war of our lives no one can win

The missing piece i yearn to find
So close, please clear the anguish from my mind
So close, but when the truth of you comes clear
So close, I wish my life had never come near
So close.

Through dark and light i fight to be
So close, shadows and lies mask you from me.”


Sweet Smoke



A quiet morning, cloudy and gloom.
Light my cigarette and sip my coffee.
As the smoke began to creep itself toward the sky a glimpse of memory flashes by.
Sweet smoke and my coffee.  Brings me back to memory lane
As I inhale the sweet smoke and the morning air
The memory started to shape it self little by little.
The window, the cold winter air, the smell of a damp pavements . Hints of dust. Foggy morning in house # 204

Still alone , still wondering about the future.
Would I remember this moment ?
What will happened next?
Is my life’s gonna get better?
Speaking to myself
“Hey.. Would you still remember ?”
The answer lies here and now
As I smoke the sweet sweet cigarette
“Yes dear ‘young’ me.
I remember you, standing in an open window, smoking your sweet cigarette , sipping your coffee in a damp foggy morning.”

Fantasia De Una Fantasma


Fantasia De Una Fantasma



 Sin Nombre, sin identidad, sin todo lo que importa.

 Ella, sentado en la cama oscura, sola y tranquila.

Nadie dan importa a ella.

Quien es ella? De donde es? Que hace allí ?

Como una fantasma, aparece sola en la noche.



A Shadow’s dream, just a silly insignificant shadow. Hid in the darkness itching to come out. She’s struggling with her thoughts and her desires, her fantasies versus the realities. Poor naïve girl.



Conversation (between me and myself) at My Job Interview

What the hell am I doing here??! Seriously what the hell!!!
I can do better than this? Right? I totally deserve a different path of life? Why did I chose this one?
Wait! Remember Benedict used to teach English in Tibet .
Tom , the posh Tom used to be waitering.
Every great ppl used to start from scratch.
Yeah, as long as they have a litte something going on
The main plan. And stay focus on that.
Don’t get distracted , don’t lose your focus.
See your goal as a target, and you will get there no matter what!
The thing is, I don’t know what am I gonna do?
I want to be an archeologist
I want to be an actress
I want to be a writer
I also want to be a philanthropist
Which one should I go get it first?
I should focus on my interview right?
Well I can’t ! I have no idea
I’m not even sure that I wanted the job.
Okay, let’s make a pro cons list
1. Meet new ppl
2. Foreigners
3. That’s what you want isn’t it?

1. Pretty low wage
2. Distance
3. Unsure location.

You know during this I kept having an argument with myself?
It’s pretty funny my mind is.
I asked the question , I answer it myself.
I’m not people’s person! I’m bitter.. Anti social and shit!
I’m kidding myself.
Ok let’s calm myself with pictures of McAvoy
That should do!!


Hello Old Fellow

Hi wordpress! It’s been ages since my last update.

I’ve been caught up with the world.. blah who am I kidding?

I’ve been a lazy bum. I write tho’ but not posting it. And I think maybe it’s time to write again. So yeah, I decided to write again. I hope this time I can be a little more consistent .

See you very soon



El dinosaurio – Agusto Moterroso ( Reconstruido Por Bie)


   Cuando despertó, el dinosaurio todavía estaba allí, pero él estaba sólo quedarse quieto, sin señales de vida. El hombre se preguntaba

–¿que era sólo un sueño? – ¿es que se ha vuelto loco?

-miró a su alrededor, que no reconocía el lugar. Trató de recordar la memoria de la noche anterior, mientras que se dio cuenta de todos los jadeos de arte colgadas en la pared, había miniaturas del imperio Romano en la mesa de exhibición, y réplicas de unos artefactos egipcios, –

-¡estoy en el museo! se dio cuenta. –

 ¿Cómo llegué aquí?

estaba confundido y asustado, pero él se compuso y empezar a caminar y se fija su ritmo y     luego se fue corriendo hacia la salida más cercana. Pero cuando llegó allí el dinosaurio estaba de pie delante de la puerta.. esperando.


Ella no puede esconder su secreto mas, el tiempo va a revelarlo. Todos sus amigos saben lo que ha pasado, la razón porque ella no puede dormir por la noche.

Su familia esta preguntando, si ella esta bien. La vida le ha dado muchos revés, es mas fácil evitarlo que revivir el dolor, volver al pasad0.

Bye..Bye House #203

Bye..bye house no 203..

It’s not the first time I move out from a house, I’ve been doing this my whole life. I’m used to the feeling of moving in a new house, the almost extraterritorial like feeling when I first step into the house. It was empty and strange, hollow somehow. In time, little by little the furnitures start to fill the house and soon I would call it home. My temporary home. I would start to decorate my room, make it as comfortable as I can but then a the little voice in me would say , ” Don’t put too much effort in it, soon you’ll be out of here.” Do I ever grown tired over the years? Well I don’t know, for me it’s like a chore that become a habit.

Then finally came time to move again, the packing, the last minute shopping and piles and piles of boxes. This house no. 203 become a warehouse for awhile. Emptying my room is always the hardest part, I feel the memories flashing back ,of all the time that I’ve spent in that room. The air goes heavy as if it says don’t leave.  I would ignore it and close the door, trying not to turn. A tear used to fall down on my cheeks back then, but not anymore.  Soon I’ll be doing this all over again, feeling the same thing all over again. But for now, I say good bye to the house no. 203.

Concerning Linkin Park..

Everybody must have at least one favorite band, the kind of band that you got hooked for life, I know I got mine and it’s Linkin Park…


I was 12 years old when I discovered their music, it was incidental or it was meant to be I don’t know. I found an untitled CD, I put it on and it turned out to be a compilation of music videos. As I watched it I came across a  video with flying ninjas and a bunch of dudes banging their heads, it was a very weird video but I thought the music wasn’t bad.  It was indeed One step closer by Linkin Park. Then I felt curious and wanted to know more about them, their music was so fresh , I never heard something like that before, at that time most teenagers listen to Britney Spears and bunch of boybands, I listen to them too, but i never felt like that’s my kind of music. Anyway,I  looked up on the internet about this “Linkin Park”, and the more I know about them the more I like them, I bought Hybrid theory, and I couldn’t stop listen to the album, I swore to myself that I’ve found my kind of band. I hooked to Linkin Park for life.

Concerning about how much they inspire my life, let’s see..I took a piano lesson just because so I can play their songs and sing by myself . Well technically  because Mike plays the keyboard and Piano. I tried to take drums lesson but I don’t have the strength to do it so I persuaded my brother to take the lesson.I’m obsess with them, not in a creepy way though,I meant musically, I practically addicted to their music,there’s this one time I used to listen to Reanimation before sleep, as my lullaby. I know there were some people who didn’t like the album, but I love remixes. I discovered a lot of good music through them, I’m not listening only to the top 40 anymore.  The lyrics , they are so intriguing and true.There are some verses that described how I feel in real life, specially in By Myself, A Place for My Head, Numb, Breaking the habit and From the inside, well those songs helped me through High School, and High school is a tough place.  I use their songs to motivate me whenever I’m down.

I have to admit when Minutes to Midnight came out, I was shock like most of the fans, the changes in their music made me wonder why? but in time I see what they were doing, music needs to be evolve. They’re pushing the boundaries, creatively created new sounds. And now in A Thousand Suns they perfected it, push even further, lyrically and musically maturer, it’s my favorite album so far. But then again I always say the same thing each time they realesed an album. One thing I realize now, I kinda grow up with them. From an angry teen to a more sensible adult, from Hybrid Theory to A Thousand Suns.

Linkin Park forever, and forever it’s a mighty long time.


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