Cuentos de Bie

I don't know what this is,, I'm just telling my stories and all the strange things I did.

Conversation (between me and myself) at My Job Interview

What the hell am I doing here??! Seriously what the hell!!!
I can do better than this? Right? I totally deserve a different path of life? Why did I chose this one?
Wait! Remember Benedict used to teach English in Tibet .
Tom , the posh Tom used to be waitering.
Every great ppl used to start from scratch.
Yeah, as long as they have a litte something going on
The main plan. And stay focus on that.
Don’t get distracted , don’t lose your focus.
See your goal as a target, and you will get there no matter what!
The thing is, I don’t know what am I gonna do?
I want to be an archeologist
I want to be an actress
I want to be a writer
I also want to be a philanthropist
Which one should I go get it first?
I should focus on my interview right?
Well I can’t ! I have no idea
I’m not even sure that I wanted the job.
Okay, let’s make a pro cons list
1. Meet new ppl
2. Foreigners
3. That’s what you want isn’t it?

1. Pretty low wage
2. Distance
3. Unsure location.

You know during this I kept having an argument with myself?
It’s pretty funny my mind is.
I asked the question , I answer it myself.
I’m not people’s person! I’m bitter.. Anti social and shit!
I’m kidding myself.
Ok let’s calm myself with pictures of McAvoy
That should do!!



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