Cuentos de Bie

I don't know what this is,, I'm just telling my stories and all the strange things I did.

Sweet Smoke



A quiet morning, cloudy and gloom.
Light my cigarette and sip my coffee.
As the smoke began to creep itself toward the sky a glimpse of memory flashes by.
Sweet smoke and my coffee.  Brings me back to memory lane
As I inhale the sweet smoke and the morning air
The memory started to shape it self little by little.
The window, the cold winter air, the smell of a damp pavements . Hints of dust. Foggy morning in house # 204

Still alone , still wondering about the future.
Would I remember this moment ?
What will happened next?
Is my life’s gonna get better?
Speaking to myself
“Hey.. Would you still remember ?”
The answer lies here and now
As I smoke the sweet sweet cigarette
“Yes dear ‘young’ me.
I remember you, standing in an open window, smoking your sweet cigarette , sipping your coffee in a damp foggy morning.”


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