Cuentos de Bie

I don't know what this is,, I'm just telling my stories and all the strange things I did.

Concerning Linkin Park..

Everybody must have at least one favorite band, the kind of band that you got hooked for life, I know I got mine and it’s Linkin Park…


I was 12 years old when I discovered their music, it was incidental or it was meant to be I don’t know. I found an untitled CD, I put it on and it turned out to be a compilation of music videos. As I watched it I came across a  video with flying ninjas and a bunch of dudes banging their heads, it was a very weird video but I thought the music wasn’t bad.  It was indeed One step closer by Linkin Park. Then I felt curious and wanted to know more about them, their music was so fresh , I never heard something like that before, at that time most teenagers listen to Britney Spears and bunch of boybands, I listen to them too, but i never felt like that’s my kind of music. Anyway,I  looked up on the internet about this “Linkin Park”, and the more I know about them the more I like them, I bought Hybrid theory, and I couldn’t stop listen to the album, I swore to myself that I’ve found my kind of band. I hooked to Linkin Park for life.

Concerning about how much they inspire my life, let’s see..I took a piano lesson just because so I can play their songs and sing by myself . Well technically  because Mike plays the keyboard and Piano. I tried to take drums lesson but I don’t have the strength to do it so I persuaded my brother to take the lesson.I’m obsess with them, not in a creepy way though,I meant musically, I practically addicted to their music,there’s this one time I used to listen to Reanimation before sleep, as my lullaby. I know there were some people who didn’t like the album, but I love remixes. I discovered a lot of good music through them, I’m not listening only to the top 40 anymore.  The lyrics , they are so intriguing and true.There are some verses that described how I feel in real life, specially in By Myself, A Place for My Head, Numb, Breaking the habit and From the inside, well those songs helped me through High School, and High school is a tough place.  I use their songs to motivate me whenever I’m down.

I have to admit when Minutes to Midnight came out, I was shock like most of the fans, the changes in their music made me wonder why? but in time I see what they were doing, music needs to be evolve. They’re pushing the boundaries, creatively created new sounds. And now in A Thousand Suns they perfected it, push even further, lyrically and musically maturer, it’s my favorite album so far. But then again I always say the same thing each time they realesed an album. One thing I realize now, I kinda grow up with them. From an angry teen to a more sensible adult, from Hybrid Theory to A Thousand Suns.

Linkin Park forever, and forever it’s a mighty long time.



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